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My Starting Point, by Gabrielle Donald

Imagination is my link to my spirit and soul. It is the starting point to my connection to the unseen and the now.  Letting go of the thoughts, letting go of the stories and knowledge that we have allowed to lead us for so long.  The stories about who I think I am, about the separation between us all, about judgement of myself and others have stood front stage directing my life and I go on auto pilot.  I am asleep in this state of being. I ignore my inner voice and my heart.  I don’t hear my own rhythms, I don’t know when beauty is before me or when sorrow is asking to be let out and be free from my body.  I am not awake. I am not asleep and dreaming. 

I am on auto pilot living out my time and space in a state of slavery to my thoughts. 

About Gabrielle Donald

I meditate and I find my way back.

My father’s father was an inventor.

My father’s father was an inventor.

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I meditate and I find my way back to my imagination.  It leads me to my childhood.  Memories of my father who, among many other creations, designed the largest free-standing geodesic dome in all the world at that time.  I was always intrigued with my father’s work. He would do architectural drawings at his drawing desk and I would come and ask what he was creating.  He gave me the gift to see a two-dimensional surface in 3D in my mind.  It created a whole new creative reality for me.  My dad bought me a chalk easel board that sat upright. I would drag it over and set it up beside his work area and start to draw my own imaginary spaces.  The easel board came alive with images from my mind and I had a whole new world to play in.  I can remember that all my drawings were about creating an environment where joy, playfulness, and expansion of spirit and soul came alive.  My father would ask me about my spaces I had created and would remark on the beautiful creations but remind me to put logistics to the test. For example, my dad would ask how do you put a pond in a tree? In my childish imagination there were no limits and no logistics to confine me.  It didn’t matter that I couldn’t actually build these spaces because in my mind I was already there.   

My father’s father was an inventor.

My father’s father was an inventor.

My father’s father was an inventor.

healing rooms,alternative therapies,alternative medicine,hypnotherapy,HBMD,;

My father’s father was an inventor whose designs never saw a production floor but he allowed his imagination to flow through him. Memories of my mother’s tales of lives only lived in her imagination run through my mind.  

Looking into where I came from helped me to understand I was born from a great sea of imagination.  I let myself go deeper into my innocence and I can see the world through the eyes of a child’s imagination.   

I go back to my childhood and I see that the world is so colourful. Nature is awake with the vibrancy of life living in the now.  I talk with bugs, small flying creatures are fairies, and light coming through tree branches carries love and messages of limitlessness. I am fully awake, I dance with my fellow creatures and feel the oneness of all things.  My spirit soars.  I see the sky turning dark and I tremble.  The wind tells me to find safety. I can sense danger but I am not afraid.  I am in awe of the power of the sky. I let myself become the lightening, to feel the immensity of the thunder that vibrates through every cell in my being.  The rain calls to me to dance with it, to celebrate its journey from the skies to mother earth. 

healing rooms,alternative therapies,alternative medicine,hypnotherapy,HBMD,;

Imagination is such an amazing magical space to go to.  Lying right inside imagination is the ability to feel the greatest of loves, expanded joy, the ability to play and explore limitlessly.  Inside imagination is healing and creation.  The question is how do we access this vast magical space.   

I feel that the easiest way to access imagination is through the heart of your inner child.  She opens the door to this wonderland.  Drop the judgement at the door to wonderland and replacing it with innocence. Once inside let your heart guide you and just let yourself feel and expand.   

healing rooms,alternative therapies,alternative medicine,hypnotherapy,HBMD,;

My healing rooms are born from a calling to heal myself, to find myself, to let go of myself, to be alive in this moment.  My dream is that the rooms one day become a reality for many many people to heal in and to continue to raise their own vibration and become more and more your authentic self.   


The healing rooms are to help focus in the moment. To let go of who you think you are and to feel who you are. To let yourself feel your body, your soul, your spirit. To look within and feel what is there. To let yourself become an explorer of your inner world. The rooms are safe spaces with loving energy.  The rooms are to help you align with your unique brilliance and to let yourself expand and feel your vibration.  The rooms are there to help you raise your vibration and to let go of stuck energy – to recognise what doesn’t serve you and to let go of it. To realize that you are the creator of your world. To let your light shine! 

All of the healing rooms start with going into a pod that is just for you.  There are no rules as to how to use the time and space when you are in the rooms. The rooms are for you to experience on your own to give you maximum ability to go within. That being said, once again there are no rules, so if you feel moved to be in the rooms with another person or people that is up to you. 

Healing Spaces

The Cube

The Garden

The Garden


The Cube:

You have been instructed that when you are in the room and you hear the sound of a singing bowl it is time to move on to the next room.  That is all the instructions you get and need. 

The door to the cube is pure white with two horizontal lines going across the door separating it into 3 equal sections.  The center square has a symbol on it of yin and yang. 

Inside the room you see a completely white space.  The ceiling, walls, and floor are made of the exact same material and you notice there are grid lines going across and down the walls, ceiling, and floor.  You feel like you are inside a Rubik’s cube. Once the door you came from is shut you feel like the door vanishes and you are entirely in the cube. 

You see white picture frames on the walls with no pictures in them.  There is a white shelf with white books on it and you flip through and see there are no words on any pages.  There is a white stand up mirror with no mirror in it.  There is a white chair in the center of the room with a white side table.  You notice that on the side table is a pencil made from a stick of wood.   

You see a white sheet of paper with just this one question on it: “Who are You?”

You stay in the room for some time and ponder the question, possibly writing down your answer on the paper or just reflecting on the experience you are having. The singing bowl sounds off and a door luminates itself inviting you to go through.  

You push open the door and your eyes are drawn up to a sky of stars luminating the space. There is a scent of earth and a mild breeze.  The walls are not apparent as there are bushy branches all around you. You see a chaise lounge chair in the center of the room welcoming you to lie upon it.  You gaze up to the stars and you hear a voice speak to you. She says you are brilliant. You are limitless. You dreamt this and now you are here on earth with a purpose to fulfill. You are powerful beyond measure. Let go of all that does not serve you and become who you really are. 

You ponder these powerful words and let the moment carry you into yourself. Let go and breath into your own expansive self…. 

The singing bowl sounds and you are invited back through the door you came through – into your cube.  You see the mirrorless mirror, the pictureless picture frames, and the unwritten books. You sit back down in the white chair and hold the paper in your hands.  You stare at the words, Who are You? 

Your time in the cube comes to an end with the sound of the singing bowl. You spend some moments in the pod before exiting to let the experience settle within you.

The Garden

The Garden

The Garden


The Garden:

Imagine standing in a hallway and deciding to go through an old wooden door that has intrigued you for some time.  Maybe you have always been too busy with work and family life to give this door thought but now all of a sudden, the door seems special and you feel that it’s time to check out what is on the other side. 

As you push the door open you can see that there is a curved stone hall with sunlight shining through just around the corner.  You can smell the earth and a sense of moisture in the air.  You feel safe and free.  As you walk through the stone hallway you come to an opening and there in front of you is a very beautiful yet small garden.  You are in a room but you are in nature. The walls are alive with plants.  

At the far end of the room you see a very ancient stone wall with an image of the Tree of Life deeply carved into its surface.  Below this carving are three faucets of running water set in the pattern of a triangle. The water runs down and forms a tiny stream that runs towards you.  You notice that there is a place to sit and watch the water alive with movement coming towards you.  Now you look more closely and notice that there are many wooden pivotal dams set up along the sides of the small stream and that you are able to move the dams and change to way the water moves.   

Water is symbolic of so many things. If you start to ponder your life and then feel the way water carries itself you may begin hear the lessons water has for you.  In this room there are no rules. In this space you may wish to observe the water, to change the way it flows, to become one with the water, or you may have an altogether different experience.  

You may wish to let the Tree of Life carry you to a sense of oneness with all things.  You may wonder what unique part you play in this great Tree of Life.  It may call you to your purpose, your mission here on earth.   

You may look to the triangle of faucets and see the trinity of your spirit, soul, and body.  You may let your heart feel the relationship of these three perspectives of the one you.   

You may just be in the garden and close your eyes and let go.   


The Pods

The pods are the starting point for all the healing room experiences. The pods are in the shape of an upright cylinder. They have room for a meditation chair and standing room. There is a main door to go into the pod and another door inside the pod to take you into the healing space.  The pods are full of warmth and softness.  They welcome you to relax, feel safe and at peace.  The pod gives you the opportunity to quiet your mind, center yourself, breath and be present. 


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